My Interview on Talking With Authors

I do a lot of interviews, I rarely am interviewed myself.

But Curtis Anderson of Talking With Authors reached out and asked me for an interview. I’m so glad he did. We spoke about my influences, Southern Gothic horror in general, and why some people may shy away from horror as a genre. And of course, we spoke about my writing!


Curtis is a phenomenal interviewer– enthusiastic and engaging, and his questions are thoughtful and fun. For those who are nervous about being interviewed on live audio, he also makes you feel comfortable, and if I may say it… really good about yourself and your work.

Thanks to Curtis for this amazing interview, and for reaching out in the first place. I appreciate all he does to boost and bring attention to our work. Listen to the entire interview below:


Film Face-off: Ganga and Hess v. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

I rarely publish film reviews on this blog. I don’t know why, but I started here with books and part of me feels I should–for the most part–keep it that way.

But, I came across a film comparison I did a little while ago and I realized I never shared it on this blog. How I missed doing that, I have no idea.

I wrote this film face-off for The Horror Honeys and I recommend you check out their site.

It’s my comparison of cult classic Ganga and Hess with its remake (A Spike Lee Joint) Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. And it’s here.

Give it a read. And if you haven’t seen either film, well… you know what to do.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments.