2019 Wrap-Up and What I Wrote

It’s that time of year again – time for writers to post their award-eligible work for the year.

I had five new stories published in 2019, four of which are eligible. “Witches for Mars” and “Hands Made for Weaving, with Nails Sharp As Claws” hold special places in my heart, but if you read or recommend any of them, I would consider it an honor. 


“Hands Made For Weaving, With Nails Sharp as Claws” in Fireside Quarterly – January 2019

Nowhere was the barrier between worlds thinner than at the sea’s edge. The ocean didn’t need a tear or a rip, it seemed, to bring the beautifully strange into this world.

“This beautifully written story follows the efforts of the world weaver, who rescues magical creatures when they accidentally slip through the veil between worlds. Full of wonderful imagery and memorable characters.”


“I love the feel of the story, the sense of time and distance it manages… The prose is haunting and beautiful, building up the picture of this house and this sea and this woman who lives there, trying her best to do what she can to maintain a balance and protect those she can.


“She Shells” in Gorgon: Stories of Emergence – February 2019

Auntie Talika molts once a year and needs a safe place to hide, to heal… She usually spends this time—about a month, sometimes more—with me.

image1 (1)
“She Shells” illustrated by Luke Spooner (Carrion House)

“Witches For Mars” on The Drabblecast – April 2019

Wild ONeS,
You are come. Do this. Do and Bring yourselfs wild oneS.
B free.


“Royce’s prose is lush, and her story deals with serious issues of bigotry and violence while effortlessly blending fantasy and science fiction, creating a layered and rich world. The story is beautifully narrated by Sara Makeba Daise.”


“Miss Beulah’s Braiding and Life Change Salon” in Black From the Future, A Collection of Black Speculative Writing – August 2019

“Miss Beulah is a magical beautician who can change lives as she changes your look. As many times as I’ve tried to rid myself of a bad breakup with a new hair cut, this one felt like it had actually already happened. After reading, I desperately want more of these characters. I want a whole novel of Miss Beulah changing destinies by changing hairstyles.”

“The Stringer of Wiltsburg Farm” in Vastarien: A Literary Journal – Summer 2019

I was no root lady, but I knew magic working when I saw it.

Screenshot 2019-07-31 16.01.12
Features “The Stringer of Wiltsburg Farm”


One story I had published this year, but isn’t award-eligible is “Stages of the Witch” in Grimoire. Grimoire is a lovely lit mag with a dark side. Part of their submission process includes looking in their online mirror. If you’re able to see yourself in any of those words, they would love to see your work.

You’re a Seer, Empath, Potion-maker; Coven-member, Scryer, Shadow-worker…but will you ever be Enough?

Screenshot 2019-11-12 15.15.16
Love this tweet about “Stages of the Witch!”

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