The Food of Writing

I’ve decided to challenge myself to write more short fiction. Flash fiction to be exact.

If you’re not familiar with it, flash fiction means super brief stories–shorter than short stories, even. Flash can be as short as 140 character tales posted on Twitter, also known as twitterature.

The maximum length of flash fiction is highly debated among publishers and writers, some say it’s 750 words, others say it can be as long as 1,500 words in length. That decision is up to who’s publishing it, but flash fiction is a unique experience until itself–for the reader and the writer.

Author and voice actor Jack Wallen invited me to participate in his flash fiction challenge If Music Be the Food of Write where he provides a song (and it’s lyrics) as inspiration for the participants’ writing.

The first song was “Rotten” by The Naked and The Famous, which prompted me to write “Better or Worse” last week. Listen to the song and read the fiction.

This week is my story, “The Second Oldest Profession,” inspired by Broods’ song “Freak of Nature.”

Check out the links and read some free flash fiction written by me and some great authors who are also challenging themselves to let music feed them.