Graveyard Shift Sister: Meosha Bean

To expand my series of interviews with Black women horror writers, I’ve added a few filmmakers to the list.

My first director is Meosha Bean, an award-winning filmmaker who has over a dozen horror projects to her name, including Dark Rises (2103), Too Close to Home (2012), a crime documentary based on true events, and Miss Pepper (2014), which got over 30,000 hits in one week online.

Meosha Bean in Dark Rises

On top of that, Meosha has acting, music videos, and promotional work on her list of credits. She’d one of the even directors for the 7 Magpies project, a horror film anthology that is the first of its kind: written and directed by black women.

She’s also worked with some big names like pro boxer Roy Jones, designer Ron Bass, and music superstar Billy Idol.

Check out my chat with Meosha here.