Misconceptions About Southern Conjure Magic

Including conjure magic in your story? Take a look here first.


                           Misconceptions About Southern Conjure Magic

         by Eden Royce

        Conjure magic is a catchall term for folk magic. Those of you who, like me, played Dungeons and Dragons, may be familiar with the term “hedge magic”. Popular culture, movies and certain books, would have you believe that this type of magic is evil, and that you should flee at any cost. I’m reminded of a horror writer Facebook group I was in where a person shared an idea for a novel:

        Police officers kill a young black guy and the cop gets off for the crime. Then his grandfather does hoodoo voodoo on the cops for revenge. It gets really bloody by the end. Several people commented on what a great idea this was. Um.

One: It’s been done.

Two: Hoodoo is not voodoo.

Three: Murder is not the…

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Women in Horror Month 2016 – Featured Author: Eden Royce @EdenRoyce #WiHM7

Thanks for featuring me, Nina! It was a pleasure.

Spreading the Writer's Word

Eden Royce

Bio: Eden Royce is descended from women who practiced root, a type of conjure magic in her native Charleston, South Carolina. She now lives in Kent, The Garden of England, and writes Gothic horror and dark fantasy tales based on her childhood (and a few weird dreams). Featured in her work are the language and traditions of the Gullah-Geechees, descendants of the first slaves brought to the sea islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia.


Eden is one of the writers for The 7 Magpies project, a first of its kind: a short horror film anthology written and directed entirely by black women. She is also the horror submissions editor for Mocha Memoirs Press where she conceived and edited The Grotesquerie, an anthology of twenty-one horror short stories written by women. She also writes a regular feature for Graveyard Shift Sisters, a site dedicated to purging the black female horror fan from the margins, where she…

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February Events Are Here

I know, it’s been here for a few days. I’m behind on my posting. No surprise there.

But there is a surprise in the festivities. February is Black History Month and Women in Horror Month. So I’ll share a quote from a ground-breaking American author, feminist and social activist.

“No black woman writer in this culture can write ‘too much.’ Indeed, no woman writer can write ‘too much.’ -Bell Hooks

For me, the quote above is true. That’s why I’ll be sharing posts on my Facebook and Twitter pages–in addition to this blog, of course–with articles about African-Americans and women horror writers. Spider Road Press has asked me to write a few articles and I’m also writing one for Horror Addicts.

In addition to that, I have two novellas to complete.

As I expected, February is a busy month, but I’m going to do my best to share all the festivities with you, so that you can share and support the great work being done on all fronts.


Oh! And if you’d like a Women in Horror Month banner like the nifty one I have on my Twitter page and in this post, go here to get yours!