Graveyard Shift Sisters: Sci-Fi Sunday with Valjeanne Jeffers

When I asked Valjeanne Jeffers which of her books is the best introduction to her work in order to interview her for my blog and the Graveyard Shift Sisters website, she didn’t hesitate before she replied, “Voyage of Dreams”.

And after reading it, I agree.

“Voyage of Dreams” is a collection of shorts from Jeffers longer works, intended as teaser for readers to have a taste of the genres the author writes in. There is horror, there is steampunk, there is erotica, there is sci-fi…

Now I must disclose that “Voyage of Dreams” does not have complete stories. Don’t pick it up unless you’re ready to understand that these are excerpts—written book trailers, if you will.  They will lure you in and give you the need to know what happens next.  You will come to hate the words, “To be Continued” (if you don’t already) and want to purchase the full-length novels. If you prefer to have an entire story right up front, I suggest reading the excerpts from her work on her Amazon author page and choosing a tale.

Jeffers has an enviable way with creating multi-cultural characters that leap beyond stereotypes. Her descriptions and imagery wrap you into the storylines.  For writers, we are always searching for the “hook” that snags the reader quickly and Jeffers has figured that out.

She also creates strong female characters and I can never have enough of those. In Awakening, she sets her sights on freeing Nandi, a young African girl from the societal and family pressures of playing the part of princess. Nandi finds her way to becoming the warrior she craves to be, but not without significant bloodshed.

Author and editor, Valjeanne Jeffers.
Author and editor, Valjeanne Jeffers.

My other favorites?

Colony: Ascension – Reads like sci-fi horrorotica. A young female astronaut desperate to find life outside of Earth finds answers as she wakes up a captive of an alien race.

Mona Livelong: Paranormal Detective – Bizarre murders, a serial killer that is able to continue his work after death, and a female detective from the country who is the city cops’ last resort to stopping a plot that may affect all of North America.

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Graveyard Shift Sister: Sumiko Saulson

I’ve been frantically reading to get out the next installment of Black female horror author spotlights and interviews on the Graveyard Shift Sisters blog.

Next on the list is Sumiko Saulson, author of Happiness and Other Diseases, The Legend of the Luna, and most recently, Ashes and Coffee, a short horror tale featuring a homeless Black woman as protagonist.

Ashes and Coffee, a horror tale with a gritty look at homelessness in modern day California.  But is Death any better?
Ashes and Coffee, a horror tale with a gritty look at homelessness in modern day California. But is Death any better?

I first heard of Sumiko Saulson’s work during a 2013 Women in Horror Month (WiHM) event when she was an ambassador and interviewed twenty-five women for her WiHM blog series.  I noticed she was a horror blogger as well and I didn’t at the time know of many Black women running such a blog.

Not long after, she interviewed me for her non-fiction book 60 Black Women in Horror. If you haven’t seen the book, pick up a copy and read about the authors, filmmakers, scriptwriters in horror that you don’t know about, but should!

The author, Saulson, with two of her books.  Looks like it doesn't rain in Northern California, either...
The author, Saulson, with two of her books.
Looks like it doesn’t rain in Northern California, either…

Also, head over to the Graveyard Shift Sisters site and to read my review of Ashes and Coffee and an interview with Sumiko.