All Hallows Read

I’m sad to say I wasn’t more on the front end of this movement, but now that I know about All Hallows Read, I’m definitely pushing it. Thanks to the talented author and editor, Jeri Walker-Bickett I am up to date on this phenomenon.

Here’s a clip of Author Neil Gaiman explaining AHR for those that don’t know.  (I didn’t.)

So, if you were too busy to watch the clip, here’s the gritty: Give a scary book to someone for Halloween.

(Age appropriate, of course.)

What book, you ask? Here is a list of creepy titles from my personal collection:

The Tell Tale Heart and Other Writings – Edgar Allan Poe

Classic. Enough said. Get a copy. Or give it.

Well worn. Well loved.  I like this cover better than the one up on Amazon.
Well worn.
Well loved.
I like this cover better than the one up on Amazon.

My Soul to Keep – Tananarive Due

Stephen King loved this novel, calling it an eerie epic.  Can’t say it better than that.

Nightmares in Dixie: 13 Horror Tales from the American South – Various authors

Still reading this one. (Read “The Wait” by Kit Reed.  Chilling.)  A treat to myself from a local bookstore, The Last Word.

Soul Temple – Stephen Lee Climer

I think this title is out of print, so if you see it used, get it.  I got it from a bookstore that is no longer in business.

Summer Chills – Various authors

Lots of tales that will have you rethinking that vacation.

Hall of Twelve – Rebecca Besser

Think women don’t write gory, visceral horror?  Meet Rebecca.

Lord Loss: The Demonata #1 – Darren Shan

YA that doesn’t read like YA. Shan has a creepy imagination and a way of describing things what makes your skin crawl. And he’s a nice guy. I met him at a signing at Park Road Books.  (Yeah, I love indie bookstores.)

Halloween Horrors  – Various authors

Short stories by some of the masters along with true Halloween tales that let you know how these authors get their inspiration.

So celebrate All Hallows Read and give someone a scary book to read this Halloween.  And candy.  Don’t forget the candy.

3 thoughts on “All Hallows Read

  1. Thanks so much for the mention!

    For anyone who might be interested in picking up Hall of Twelve (or sharing it with someone else), it will be free tomorrow (Oct. 31st, 2013) as part of my Halloween giveaway!

    ~ Becca

    1. Eden Royce

      Anytime, Becca! I love to promote authors. I’ll be sure to share Hall of Twelve on Twitter tomorrow under #allhallowsread

      1. Thank you, again! The blog post about it went live, but the books aren’t free yet because Amazon runs on Central Time, I believe.

        I wouldn’t have known about #allhallowsread if not for this post! I was already planning on doing freebies today, this just makes it more fun.

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