“In the Bloodstream” Interview with Marcia Colette

To celebrate the release of Mocha Memoirs Press’s newest horror offering, I’m interviewing some of the talented authors whose work is featured in the dark fantasy and horror anthology, “In the Bloodstream”, available now at Amazon.

Take a look at the fabulous eBook cover art by Nancy Schuetz:

31 authors, 5 countries, and 31 tales of dark fantasy and horror
31 authors,
5 countries,
and 31 tales of dark fantasy and horror

My first brave soul (read: guinea pig) is the delightfully creepy Marcia Colette, author of “The House on the Corner of Brim and Stone”.

ER:  Marcia, thanks for being here today. Tell us a bit about yourself and your “Bloodstream” story.

MC: I wrote it a while back because my mother asked me to write something nice and sweet like butterflies and angels. Well, I did. Sort of. Minus the butterflies, of course. Anyway, that so-called series didn’t get as far as I had hoped, although I found myself really liking my main character, Yvette, and her backstory.

ER: Is writing horror different from other genres? What makes a great horror (or dark fantasy) tale?

MC: For me, it’s the edge-of-your-seat feel. Like you don’t know what’s going to happen next and want to look away, but can’t. But give me a good twist at the end, and it’s like the nail in the coffin. I guess that’s why I always liked shows like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. (ER: Two of my favorites!)

ER: Do you have a day job or do you write full time? Would we be surprised by what you do for a living?

MC: I have a full-time job as an IT manager. The places I’ve worked and stories I could tell would probably be the things that surprise you the most. And before you ask, yes, I model my characters after people I’ve worked with. The only rule I have is that I can’t model them after anyone I currently work with. Anyone from my past is fair game.

ER: What scares you?

MC: Ghosts. I can take anything else, but ghosts will have me running faster than a legion of starved-out zombies at a pig pickin’.  (ER: LOL!)

ER: You’re going to the gallows. What’s your last meal?

MC: Something with GHB in it. I don’t want to feel or know a thing.

ER: What’s your next project? Will you share with us?

MC: I’m actually working on a follow-up story called The Light at the End of Judgement and Day. It picks up a few weeks after Yvette has moved into her new home.

ER: What authors/artists inspire you?

MC: I’m a huge fan of Kelly Armstrong and Sherrilyn Kenyon. Also, I’ve recently discovered Richelle Mead. But, I pretty much cut my teeth on John Saul and Bentley Little. They were my first loves.

ER: What do you do when you’re not writing?

MC: I’m playing with my three-year-old daughter who shocks me from time to time with words that are bigger than her. And she actually uses them in the right context, which is scarier. Perhaps my next horror story needs to feature scary toddler.  (ER:  I’d be scared.)

ER: I always picture writers with a beverage close at hand.  What’s your poison?

MC: General Foods International French Vanilla Cafe. Either that or a cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino. But the GFI is easier to make. Oh, and during winter, I tend to sway more toward hot chocolate made with warm milk and whip cream. Yeah, no alcoholic beverages in my future, although I don’t let that hold my characters back.

For those chilly mornings, I tend to be more of a soy cappuccino girl, myself.
For those chilly mornings,
I tend to be more of a
soy cappuccino girl, myself.

ER: What’s your goal for your writing?

MC: To reach as many people as possible and pick up a few million fans so I can quit my day job. It’s really cutting into my writing time.

ER: Marcia, thank you so much for being in the blog today.  And for being my first blog interview. I wish you the best with reaching your goal.

If you’d like to know more about Marcia’s other work or want her hot chocolate recipe, visit her at:

Website: www.marciacolette.com

Blog: http://marciacolette.wordpress.com

Follow her! http://twitter.com/MarciaColette

Friend her! https://www.facebook.com/marciacolette

4 thoughts on ““In the Bloodstream” Interview with Marcia Colette

  1. Tom Olbert

    Great interview! (I didn’t know commercials were allowed.) Personally, I think zombies are way scarier. (Ghosts are just really self-involved wisps of smoke.)

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