Full Disclosure – The Confession

I have to ‘fess up.

My goal and my blog posts for this year are focused on completing my novel. The thing is:

I’m almost halfway there.

This confession is to set the record straight. I don’t want anyone to think they’re going to be with me from idea creation, to plotting, to writing word number one. My novel already has over 30,000 words.

I just can’t seem to finish it. I feel stuck. Not sure why.

Is it inability? No.

Is it laziness? Doubtful.

Look, I made cookies!                    brown_butter

That’s it, my true confession. There are times when I lack focus. When I should be writing on my novel, I find myself distracted by the shiny—a new short story idea or a yummy-looking recipe. I struggle with disciplining myself to keep my cheeks in the seat and write.

So I’ve set myself a schedule to help get me in the habit writing. To become consistent. To be able to write on demand and not only when the muse (or my mood) takes me.

One hour a day, every day. It will be me alone with the screen. No phone. No Internet. Just me and the page.

I’ll confess…

I’m scared.

Start Me Up

2013 entered in and found me deep in thought, glass of Prosecco in hand.

-What project to tackle next?

-Where should I focus my blog posts?

-Should I color my hair?

My Grandmother used to say, “Whatever the New Year finds you doing, is what you’ll keep on doing.” So I quickly (or not so quickly, this is the second week of January.) made some decisions.

When I looked back over my 2012 posts, my favorites were:

Voice recording: I love to read, even out loud.

Kitchening: My kitchen is where I can always find inspiration.

But I need to complete projects. Playtime’s over. So…

I’m going to chronicle my journey to finish my novel and a few other projects. Throughout the process, I’ll share my kitchen creations and maybe read a flash story now and then.

Hope you’ll join me.

And no, I still haven’t decided on the hair.