Spreading ‘Em

Been a while since I posted, but here it goes.  I’ve decided to share my venture into some unexplored territory. 


I’ve written horror, dark fantasy, and erotica. Some of which I’ve had published.

But I wanted to spread my literary wings. Try new genres. Just to see. To see if I could do it successfully. To see if I could come up with an idea that worked for a genre that I haven’t dangled my toes in.

I read romance, but I never wrote one. (I’ll save the erotica versus romance post for another time.) Same with mystery. (Although there’s one now in the works.)

So I tried my hand at writing a steampunk story.  It was fun to create a story in a genre usually set in Victorian England and place it firmly in “my world” of the American South. I think mixing the traditional with unexpected elements makes for great things. Maybe that’s why I crave a salted caramel bread pudding every now and then.

At one minute before the deadline I sent my steampunk darling in for an anthology call and it was accepted.  “Clockwork Gin” will be in Kerlak Publishing’s Award-Winning Dreams of Steam III. No details on release date or cover art yet, but I’ll post them when I get them.

My horizon broadening also extended toward character. When a fellow Charlotte writer, John Hartness announced a call for story submissions, I wanted to send something. When I read the call, I paused.  The anthology is titled “The Big Bad: an Anthology of Evil”.

The only real requirement was that the protagonist had to be a bad guy. While not perfect, most of my characters try to be good guys, er… women, er… people. But if I wanted in, I had to change that.


Bad guy, right. I’ve written them before. But never as the focus of the story. But I shift in my chair, move away from the wall, and spread my inky wings, and start to write.  On the day of the deadline, I submitted “Closest to the Bone”.

It, too, was accepted.

Ditto on release date and cover art.

So I’m happy. Feeling like I can conquer the world. There’s another reason I’m feeling unstoppable, but more on that later.

Until then, keep writing and reading. And spread your wings a bit.

You never know what you may be capable of.