Fully Leaded

I love writing.

Not just the craft of writing a story. I’m talking about putting actual pen to actual paper. Although the lion’s share of my writing time is spent at the computer, I love scribbling ideas in my journal or on little stickie notes.

The sight and smell of a freshly sharpened pencil can send me into spurts of wiggle-infused creativity.

To me, there’s something beautiful about the written word and I can’t imagine never again pushing ink or lead across the page. When I was in school, cursive writing was still part of the curriculum. And my mother the teacher, had me spend countless hours perfecting each loop and swirl, making sure to stay within the lines.

While my penmanship is still awe-inspiring, it’s evolved. I’m comfortable with my Art-Deco capital “B”. It doesn’t matter that my capital “L” touches the lines above and below it. And don’t get me started on my lowercase “z”.

It’s gorgeous.

That’s how I feel about the craft of writing. Learn the rules of grammar and punctuation and the traditions of your chosen genre. Then change them to suit yourself. Evolve.

Because at the end, you are the one that must be happy with what’s on the page. Er, screen.