Caution: What You’re Holding is Extremely Hot!

I’m so excited to announce my short erotic story, “The Snow Maiden”, has been accepted for publication with Mocha Memoirs Press.

“Snow Maiden” will be out in July, as part of MMP’s 31 Days of Steamy Mocha, in celebration of their three year anniversary.

Also during July, MMP will feature $1.00 downloads, daily blogposts, and chats with authors. (Including me!)

Purchase this story and all of Mocha’s other amazing titles, even fantasy and horror offerings here:

Here’s a short blurb about the story:

Claire can’t take it anymore. Faced with burnout at her job and a non-existent social life, there’s not much to be warm and fuzzy about. When her best friend cancels their dinner plans at the last minute, Claire gives her the cold shoulder. Not even her therapist’s relaxation techniques are able to chip away at her icy exterior. Will a chance encounter with a sexy stranger be enough to thaw the Snow Maiden before her heart freezes over completely?

Devil’s Playground

There’s recording of me reading my horror haiku “Devil’s Playground” on my website and I’d love it if you would give it a listen.

It’s a little crackly, but you’ll get the idea.


You can find this haiku along with some great horror and dark fantasy short stories in Strange Tales of Horror: An Anthology published by Norgus Press.